Spacious, Comfortable, Caring, Fun!!

Located on 7 acres in beautiful Brown Township, Buckeye Boarding is family owned and operated. Dedicated to the care and well being of your pet, Jeff Haynes and his friendly, courteous staff will pamper your pets with the kind of love and attention they give their own.

We love pets. Small pets, large pets, fat pets, skinny pets, hairy pets, furry pets, active pets, passive pets. We love them all and we've cared for more types of pets than you could ever imagine. Caring for your pet is our passion. We walk them, pet them, play with them, feed them, medicate them, hug them, sit with them and cuddle with them.

Now in our sixteenth year helping families care for their pets while they are away, we strive to do everything we can to make each family feel as though their pet is having as much fun as they can during their stay. We do that by making your pet a part of our family. Everyone shares a part of helping make sure your pet is well cared for and attended to. Mom, Dad and the rest of the Haynes clan are vitally involved in caring for your pet. We all work hard to build a unique bond with your pet, building trust and providing opportunities for your pet to let loose and have fun.

Features Include:


Owners on Site

2 1/2 Acre Fenced Yard

Indoor/Outdoor Runs and Indoor Enclosures

Heated and Air Conditioned Facility

Walks and Play Time Included at No Additional Fee

Medication Administered at No Additional Fee

Science Diet Food Provided

Access to 24-hour Emergency Care

Buckeye Boarding - 7885 Patterson Road - Hilliard, OH 43026 - Phone 614-529-8616 - Fax 614-850-5180